Asian Outreach

Partnering together with you to provide
hope and help across Asia

Asian Outreach Network

Partnering together with you to provide hope and help across Asia

Your Partner for Asia

Asian Outreach is a dynamic network of Christian non-governmental organizations. Partnering together with churches, companies, governments, foundations and individual people like you, we have been empowering and transforming lives in Asia for over 50 years. As an international alliance of like-minded ministries from over 10 countries, Asian Outreach Network members are committed to work alongside local leaders and international partners to inspire hope and offer practical help for sustainable transformation across Asia. Although Asia is home to over 60% of the world’s 7 billion population and is presently spearheading much of the growth of the global economy, many of its people are trapped in an unrelenting poverty cycle. We believe though that sustainable transformation is possible in at least four dimensions – economic, physical, societal and spiritual.


The capacity and means to provide for present and future financial needs, e.g. employment, infrastructure, business and investment.


The opportunity to hear about the value that God places on their lives and be part of the community of faith, e.g. Bible translation, leadership training.


Basic human needs are provided for in relevant and sustainable ways, e.g. water, food, education, health, shelter and disaster preparedness.


Living in a just and equitable community with good governance and leadership in all sectors, e.g. equality, justice, sound laws and policies.

Together We Transform Individuals & Societies

For your easy reference we have grouped our strategic and innovative projects into 5 main categories. These are designed to best meet the actual needs and indigenous vision of local communities. They also provide meaningful partnership and investment opportunities for you to personally be involved in the transformation of lives in Asia.

Making the lives of others more full and healthy through community development.

Clean water, safe food, adequate shelter and available health care are benefits that many in Asia do not have access to. We work with governments and local leaders to assess needs and provide real answers. We provide training and resources for the prevention and treatment of disease. We also facilitate various water treatment projects and agriculture improvement schemes.

Providing knowledge, understanding and holistic education.

One of the keys to breaking poverty is providing education. Many children do not have the opportunity to go to school, or they drop out due to illness, migration or economic hardship. We assist children to school and work with their communities and families to better understand the value and potential of education. We help teachers and schools develop better curriculum, services and resources. Also business training and micro-loans are made available to impoverished families, along with other formal and non-formal education.

Equipping the next generation of young people through leadership development.

The pressing need in fast developing Asian countries is to raise and equip national leaders. We are determined to invest in people so that the emerging generations in Asia become people of integrity, vision and capacity. Training focus includes professional, personal and non-formal courses that provide practical skills to influence and change their society. Key values we hold are national leadership, indigenous vision and local ownership.

Providing individuals hope, dignity & purpose through spiritual development.

We are convinced that for individuals and communities to be truly transformed, they also need to have and own a sense of hope, dignity, worth and purpose. We equip, resource and empower local churches to take responsibility for providing practical relief and sustainable solutions to their communities. This includes sharing how people can discover their full potential through the love and person of Christ.

Working together to make Asia greater through partner development.

We see ourselves as “vision partners” that work alongside our many associates – churches, community leaders, businesses, foundations and individuals like you. Together we want to develop, empower and equip our partners and their vision, such as with training opportunities, conferences, prayer resources, short-term field visits and longer-term deployments. Through such collaboration and joint development we can truly see effective and meaningful change happen for all involved.

Please partner together with us to see true transformation happen in this key area of the world – Asia!

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If you would like to hear more about the projects we run or would like to get involved, get in touch with your closest office listed below.


Address: P.O. Box 484,
Phnom Penh
Tel/Fax: (855) (23) 217-706


Address. 2450 Milltower Court, Mississauga, ON L5N 5Z6 

Tel. 1(905)-542-7400 ext: 3067

Hong Kong

Address. Rm 2A, 114 How Ming St.,
Kwun Tong
Tel. (852) 2929 4009


Address. 7 Koyama Minamimizocho,
Yamashina-ku, Kyoto 607 8111
Tel/Fax. (81) 75 595 0299


Address. No. 81 Jln SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel. (60)(3) 7876-6789


Address. CPO Box 688,
Ulaanbaatar 13
Tel. (976) 7015 0577

New Zealand

Address. P.O. Box 97222,
Manukau City 2241
Tel. (64) (9) 9729067

The Bright Road (NZ)

Address. P.O. Box 97222,
Manukau City 2241
Tel. (64) (9) 9729067

Thailand (The Centre)

Address. PO Box 177 – CMU,
Chiang Mai 50202
Tel. (66) (53) 214-856


Address. 27758 Santa Margarita Pkwy #186
Mission Viejo, CA 92961
Tel. 1(905)-542-7400 ext: 3067


C/- Asian Outreach New Zealand
Address. P.O. Box 97222,
Manukau City 2241
Tel. (64) (9) 9729067

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